Shifting Consciousness, our world, and even the Universe, by healing ourselves.

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Shifting Consciousness, our world, and even the Universe, by healing ourselves.

If we heal ourselves, we heal the world.

“You must be the change you wish to see in the world.”- Mahatma Ghandi Quotes

So what does it mean if we heal the fractal, or the part of us that needs a frequency shift in order to be whole and healthy.

Nassim Heramein has been studying consciousness for 25 years and asked many questions that have not necessarily been solved by physics, until recently.

A big one is the belief that the Universe is random and everything is disconnected from everything else. He has instead shown that the Universe and everything within it, does in fact have a very precise way of learning, growing and communicating. He has proven this with very precise mathematical accuracy. He has shown that there is a fractal organizational pattern and that everything is connected. This new understanding has been coined unified physics.

One example of unified physics, and how the whole is represented in smallest part of us,  can be found in our own atoms. Our very atoms are made up of even smaller particles called planck. And he has shown how the very universe is represented in every atom of our body, and that our very atoms are  fractal in nature. He has discovered that  in each atom there is a black hole, representing a much smaller version of black holes that we know exist in the universe. In fact the entire Universe is represented in each atom.

He also shows how everything lines up, in mathematical precision from the very smallest measurement the planck, to the atom, to the planets to the largest known quantity, the Universe.

He describes how everything is connected, communicating, and learning from everything else. In fact space (including that in our own atoms) makes up 99.999 percent of what is all around and within us, in our own bodies, on earth and in the universe. So as he says, space, the vacuum, the qui or “the field” is what we should be paying attention to.

I am only giving the smallest of examples here and  would encourage anyone interested in learning about unified physics to listen to Nassim, Nassim Haramein 2015 – The Connected Universe.
And a fascinating study, taking you through the history of physics and into this study of unified physics with Nassim can be found here. The implications are endless, I found the coarse mind expanding to say the least.

So, what could this mean??

If we heal what needs to be healed within ourselves and that which is stored in the field, (the energetic frequency which is affected by our thoughts, emotions). When we have affected the field,  and/or when we have  healed the physical, and then truly changing on a molecular level, hasn’t something much larger happened?

In fact haven’t we somehow shifted ourselves, our way of thinking, everyone else on the planet, including consciousness? But even more incredible is the possibility that  we have also (because everything is fractal) shifted and changed the universe?

It would make sense that an energetic shift, would most efficiently be made through frequency and  energetic medicine.

“Informational Medicine. Medicine that takes
information and changes disturbed information.
That is going to be the future of medicine.”
– Lynne McTaggart

Taken form my blog,

“On the level that homeopathy works, it actually looks at just that, at the imbalance. This imbalance can be corrected using a homeopathic that matches it. It works on what scientists are now calling…the information-field. Simply put, every human being has an information field, similar to the energy field. Just like we all have an energy field, we also have an information field, which is a reflection of and contains all the information of the human body. Homeopathy works with the field, sending a message, the information field reflects back a new message, and the body then uses its natural ability to heal itself.”

My passion is homeopathy because of the way it affects the subconscious and the information field, but there are many ways to do it,..we connect all the time to the field, it influences us and we influence it. And it is connected to everything else. 

Positive frequency changes are made in many, many ways however. For example when we connect to our heart, meditate, connect to the earth, by following our excitement, passions, dancing, singing, through art, and music. I find the vision of Marco Missinato and how music can change consciousness wonderful.

Taken from his Sounds of Oneness home page.

The saying “change yourself and you change the world” has taken on a very powerful and much more tangent meaning.

So not only is it important to make these profound and life changing shifts within ourselves, to be healthy, whole and joyfully connected. But it adds an understanding that is  profound, in that, it just so happens when we shift on a cellular and an energetic level there is a shift in consciousness.

And again why, when we heal something deeply, with a frequency, not only do we change physically and become healthy. But we are able to love ourselves, (we become a higher frequency), our world shifts, our experiences shift, the people in our lives shift, everything moves and changes to this higher frequency, all because of the nature of fractals and this connected universe.

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Thank you and much gratitude.

Observations related to Information Fields:
• Just as water is influenced by much energy, so to is the Information Field and vice versa.
• Thought and emotion create an Information Field.
• The human aura is both electromagnetic bio fields and the informational patterns that organize them.
• Non-Local properties can be observed in remote influencing – both positive and negative.
• Information Fields react with consciousness.
• The brain is a product of consciousness. Consciousness is not a product of the brain.
• The regulation of a whole organism, including the coordination of its cells, is accomplished with Information Fields.
• The Information Field is always instantly being updated by the stronger influences of our sub conscious mind. Thus, Information Fields are the medium through which harmony or disharmony is created and directed in our co-creative life experience.
• The degree of influence by Information Fields upon our consciousness depends upon our belief systems of that very same consciousness.
• All beings in an unstressed state have an innate ,self-healing ability that is virtually limitless.
It is suggested that Information Fields are like templates or blueprints as organizing principles of energetic matter. Change the readout of the blueprint and you can change the material energy.
Matter and Field are linked – All physical manifestation has Information Fields associated with it and any change in either will effect change in the other.
Old physics views recognized the first 5 of the 5 fields of energy, recently the information field has been recognized.
1. Electric
2. Magnetic
3. Gravitational
4. Weak Nuclear Attraction Forces
5. Strong Nuclear Attraction Forces
6. Information Field
More recently, the 6th type of energy category was observed and classified as the “Information Field.” Though technically, it is said not to be energy at all but simply an organizing principle as information.
“The actual regulation of the whole organism
and the coordination of the cells is accomplished
with Information Fields.”
– Dieter Cimbal PhD
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