About Jayne Marquis

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About Jayne Marquis

Jayne grew up on a farm in South Western Ontario Canada, spending her childhood with nature and looking for fairies. By the age of 12 she had decided that to meditate and to attempt to figure out the Universe would be a joyful preoccupation, mostly because people didn’t act as lovingly as she had hoped. This led to a deep inner connection to her own perceptions, much reading, and a desire to make a difference in the world. She   was fortunate to have a strong Mother figure in her life who believed in Natural healing methods.

She  went to the University of Waterloo, following her passion of “Dance” majoring in Dance. This was a very unique choice, as she came from a business minded family. But it was following a passion, and again it lead to an inner connection and creativity.

After University, she continued dancing competitively in Ballroom and Latin, becoming a Canadian ballroom champion while at the same time, living her parents wishes of running part of their successful retail business. She  learned to fly at this time, getting her pilots license, became a Reiki Master,  and taught a week long coarse to young girls called “Journeying to Understand my Power” a day camp focused on inner empowerment, loving self, and taking action to manifest.

 One evening she felt she needed to live her own life’s purpose, and asked her  inner self to reveal what that would be.

A few days later, while walking her dog, she heard a voice, coming from within, that said, “you should be a Doctor”. This moved her, but confused her, as she had always believed in healing Naturally. But, she was intrigued enough to do some research. She immediately discovered a very innovative school with high standards, teaching students the same basic background they would need to be a “Doctor” but treatment was with Natural Medicines instead of pharmaceuticals; and taught that the  first objective should be to “do no harm”. The healing was based instead on botanicals, Acupuncture, Chinese medicine, Nutrition and Homeopathy.

This felt exciting and exactly right, she was enrolled at the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine within 3 months, where she studied for the next 4 years to become a Naturopathic Doctor.

 It was at this time that she fell in love with Homeopathy, as it resonated profoundly. Homeopathy was a beautiful medicine coming form Mother Nature, reduced to the point of energy and therefore treating, at an energetic level. This was the  place where she felt most disease should be treated, as often that’s where it begins, with an inner conflict that causes an energetic block. Homeopathy was also able to get to the sub conscious, and the programming that comes from “somewhere” but does not really exist. Therefore to treat and erase the subconscious, mental, emotional, energetic reason for illness made complete sense. She went on to get a degree in Homeopathy studying at the Ontario College of Homeopathic Medicine for 3 more years.

She currently treats all her patients with Homeopathy, getting to the underlying cause of disease, following up with supporting the physical body with Nutrition, tissue salts, botanical medicine, cleansing, and whatever else is needed to bring about health and a deeper connection to their own inner joy. 

She currently supports her own inner excitement through laying and connecting to the earth, riding and “eventing” with her horse Kitty, the sport of trampoline and gymnastics. But also, enjoying the constant research and understanding of the intricacies of Mother Nature and our connection to her, which give further incites into her passion of homeopathy.