Fractals and How Homeopathy Treats the Fractal, therefore whole

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Fractals and How Homeopathy Treats the Fractal, therefore whole

When treating with homeopathy, the ultimate goal is to treat the whole person with one remedy. To look at everything that is part of that person as an individual, and then match the symptoms that need to be healed with a remedy. It is to treat one thing, and every thing at the same time. To see the whole picture, and then match that to a particular energetic imprint, belonging to something that exists on earth (a homeopathic remedy).

I often get asked, how a remedy can fix multiple symptoms, with just one dose of something so simple as a dose of a homeopathic remedy. This is of coarse, is what makes homeopathy so fascinating. Homeopathy is based on the science of like curing like.

Over the coarse of an interview, we listen to the patterns that emerge. The voice that comes forward, that represents a picture or pattern, and that picture is matched to a remedy.

We look at each symptom individually, and as we look at each symptom a pattern emerges. I believe each symptom that we carry physically is a fractal of the whole. “A fractal is a natural phenomenon or a mathematical set that exhibits a repeating pattern that displays at every scale”.

As each symptom is explored, little pieces emerge that are the same in each, representing this fractal of the whole. With exploration and attention the image of the fractal emerges, and the fractal is then seen. (And what is matched to a remedy)

The fractal of coarse also represents what is going on, everywhere, including at the mental/emotional and energetic level and often where the conflict, problem, or pain begins… When it begins at this level, an energetic message gets sent out and imprinted on the physical, emerging in physical form, as would a snowflake. Forming a pattern, coming from what we now know as “the information field”. This energetic pattern gets imprinted onto the physical and a pattern that first began in the energetic body (the mental emotional field, or the information field), appears as physical symptoms.

When we match the remedy at this level, (the level of the information field) it doesn’t just heal one symptom it heals the whole.

It wouldn’t matter if you looked at the mental emotional symptoms, at the pain in the big toe, an ulcer, an allergy or a headache; they all originate from the same pattern. And carry the same imprint. So you could find the remedy by looking at just one small piece. But often in order to see the pattern each symptom must be looked at individually. And then seeing the pattern is the tricky part. To see an individual pattern requires the individual to be able to describe in detail exactly how they experience the symptoms in their body.

But with reflection and letting go of what we think (instead expressing form a place of inner awareness), and allowing ourselves to explore the sensations that our body is so freely expressing, the pattern can be seen. They emerge from each individual symptom and in the end paint a pattern. They are as unique, as varied, and as wondrous as a snowflake. The remedy is different to each, and always fascinating. And, when it is found, treats the whole.

I do believe this is simpler with children and animals, in which there haven’t been over lane patterns of drugs and suppression (in which case the energetic patterns are more complicated and there may be multiple fractals) but in general this is my own explanation of how homeopathy treats the whole and multiple symptoms at once.

This is also why homeopathy is like a lock and key. The pattern of the remedy must match the fractal of what needs to be healed. If the pattern doesn’t match than the key doesn’t turn. (like cures like) And it involves not only an ability to see the fractal but to equally understand the energy of the medicine given. It seems we somehow carry the patterns (fractals) that exist in this most wondrous universe we live in…. or perhaps the patterns exist in order to be seen, felt, explored and released. Either way it is all intertwined, in some magnificent plan. We exist as a fractal of much larger picture. And the ultimate reason why disease should not be seen as an enemy, but instead perhaps a gift of exploration and ultimate expansion. To be treated naturally through exploration and release.

 The following is some wonderful explanations, and links to Fractals:

A Fractal:

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

 A fractal is a natural phenomenon or a mathematical set that exhibits a repeating pattern that displays at every scale. It is also known as expanding symmetry or evolving symmetry. If the replication is exactly the same at every scale, it is called a self-similar pattern. An example of this is the Menger Sponge.[1] Fractals can also be nearly the same at different levels. This latter pattern is illustrated in the magnifications of the Mandelbrot set.[2][3][4][5]Fractals also include the idea of a detailed pattern that repeats itself.[2]:166; 18[3][6]

 In the following image you can see how the pattern repeats, seen in the larger picture but also in each smaller piece of the whole.

fractal image with repeat

 And from

 The Beauty Principle says that if a theory or principle is beautiful or elegant then it has a high probability of being true and useful. Fractals are both beautiful and useful and when played together with an excellent music soundtrack the results are incomparable.   A fractal is a colored image that mathematically models how well things survive in their environments. Life forms survive through a process of constant change, change that must take place within reasonable bounds if the organism is not to be destroyed.  The environments that an organism lives in, such as a forest or atmosphere, play a critical role in maintaining this healthy state of change. Those environments which are the most conducive to long term survival are colored black in the fractal image. Those environments which are not conducive to life, such as an atmosphere filled with smog or a forest poisoned by acid rain, are colored according to how long the organism is able to live in them before it can no longer survive.   The following four blowups show the classic Mandelbrot Set which is a picture of the space of all possible environments an organism or weather system might be in. In the black areas of the Mandelbrot Set change is constant and within reasonable bounds, so some chance of life is possible especially near the borders with the colored areas. In the colored areas the change becomes too swift and eventually becomes infinite, which of course leads to the total destruction of the system under consideration. The black areas are colored black because theoretically at least the system never dies. The colored areas are colored according to how fast the system does die.


fractal zoom


Science uses fractals to model and predict the survival of everything from hurricanes to intergalactic nebulae. In fact anything whose survival is dependent upon its surroundings can be modeled with this new math.       For example the hurricane exists within the rest of the atmosphere of Earth. If the remaining atmosphere, where there is no hurricane, were to be removed, the hurricane would quickly disappear.       Thus the survival of a hurricane is very much dependent on the bright and calm sunny days on the other side of the planet. Changing the atmosphere around the hurricane changes the life course of the hurricane itself. In this way science uses fractal mathematics to better understand and cope with the wonderful natural world that surrounds us.

Fractals, set to music

Fractals and How Homeopathy Treats the Fractal, therefore whole