Together, We Create

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Together, We Create

She is listening for a sound, a sound that is uniquely you, so sweet and melodious that it can only come from the depths of your heart.

One beat, then another beat, then another . . . harmonized with a rhythm much like the essence that connects a child to its mother . . . powerful, passionate and filled with purity and innocent abandon.

When do you connect with your heart? 

When do you listen to your heart?

When do you feel it burst open with such delight and passion that you know what will manifest next?

Yes, that is the heart she is listening for because it is through this union with her and the power of ALL That Is, WE ALL can manifest our Hearts’ desire.

Just imagine for a moment, all hearts beating, magically in synchronicity for the manifestation of a singular goal of Love on Earth.

She is listening for the sound coming from your heart.


Enjoy the song of “Unfolding Secrets,” and feel the Love aching to awaken in your Heart. 

Then share with others, these words, this song and the secrets unfolding within your heart . . . .