About Wenda Blake

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About Wenda Blake

Born and raised in Eugene Oregon, Wenda Blake grew up in the beautiful and abundant country-side of the Willamette Valley.  Her experiences living in the Pacific Northwest allowed her to connect deeply in reverence and love to Mother Earth and all of nature.  In her heart, she has always known the boundless possibilities of her loving existence.  

Animals were a main focus of Wenda’s attention in her early years, especially horses.  Such gentle loving creatures of grace that she could connect with and share an unconditional love so key the fabric of her soul.  School was easy and a non-event for her; something to get through and come home to another world that made her much more happy.  Wenda was shy, reserved, and found it difficult in elementary school to make friends and “play” the games that others did.  Her world was filled with all loving beings—animals, bugs, flowers, rocks, fairies, angels, clouds, waterfalls.  Her favorite childhood times were spent deep in the forests, exploring the magical toys Mother Earth presented to her.

Wenda approaches life with innocence, empathy, and most of all optimism.  She explored life and expanded into her own independent self quickly once she hit the age of 19.  Always responsible and dependable, teachers, friends, family, employers were always drawn to help her expand her opportunities in life.  Her life has always been very supportive and “JOI-filled” from birth to this very day.  I’m sure there were challenges but from Wenda’s perspective, her path was filled with delight and opportunities to bring more love into the world.

Now and then Wenda has dabbled with writing, compiling her poetry over several years which culminated in a self-published book in 2005.  Since then she allowed life as a mother of two beautiful girls to sweep her away.  But now they are grown and off to explore their independence much like their mother.   Over the past few years Wenda has reconnected with all that expands her loving embrace—creativity, writing, growing beautiful gardens, and engaging with people and projects with whom she finds divine resonance.  

Free to Be and Share her loving nature, she rekindles the JOI of writing once more.  Allow her words to touch upon your heart.  Know the beauty captured in prose and receive all the gifts freely given, for it is in Grace you truly will abide.