Creating Health by Living Through Love, Instead of Perfection out of Fear

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Creating Health by Living Through Love, Instead of Perfection out of Fear

Most of us grow up knowing we should love ourselves first, in order to love and in order to be healthy.  I have heard this many times, and have said it to others many times.

But WHY? Why is it so important?

Because no matter what, if we are eating all the right food, or exercising exactly the right way, if its based on fear, that is the signal we are giving our bodies. Fear gives a very strong message and comes with a huge cascade of opposing messages and results. BUT, if instead, we eat the right food, because we love ourselves, the very reason we do it is giving the body the right message, not only do we nourish ourselves the best possible way, but the energy behind it is nourishing. In fact if the shift is real, then there is no need to be absolutely perfect. Yes, its important to seek out the best foods, most of the time, but not out of fear or total perfection. To enjoy life and truly live  (I go by the 80 percent good, 20 percent indulge in whatever rule)  is as nourishing as the perfect diet.

And so, when I talk to someone about health, or treat someone as a patient I always start from the inside, If they were to truly love themselves not only would they feed themselves the right food, exercise, sleep, love and be loved, find their joy, their excitement, and live to the fullest….they would also be naturally, truly healthy.

So it is the loving oneself part that is the most important thing, everything will be easy after that.

For this reason,  I always start with removing whatever conflicts, blocks or programs may be in the way of truly being happy. I do it with homeopathy because it gets to the subconscious beliefs and programs that may be in the way, but there are many ways to do it.

I believe, that every one on planet earth is part of a master’s class. It’s why we should be proud of ourselves, just for having the faith and courage  to be here. And, it’s why we are worthy of love in its purest form. Every one of us is worthy, infinite, and beautiful.

However, we come in with blinders on to anything more than what we can see, feel, touch…with our 5 senses.

We are dealt some cards that leave us uncertain of love, of our true purpose and our true form.

This uncertain way becomes our unique way of looking at the world. It becomes our way of experiencing life, in a way that is slightly distorted… warped by pain and circumstance. It is often the human existence.

Many ask what is the purpose of life? WHY are we here? Maybe its to change to vibrate to  experience life. First  in a way that is limited, reduced, different but to still find love within. Not just love, but brilliant, untarnished, exuberant, enthusiastic love, for who we are.   And with that, we then vibrate at a level that connects us to more. We have achieved joy through a vast maze of fog and trepidation.

I  believe, the way we look at the world, and what we experience from the world is like looking in a mirror. If we experience distortion on the inside, it is what happens on the outside.

And so, that’s why, change and love is an inside job.

We can’t tell a mirror, hey!! Change!! I don’t like what I’m seeing!! …”Smile and be happy”, …..Because, IF  we are still frowning and pained inside, the reflection in the mirror is frowning and pained. We can only change the reflection if we smile first on the inside, and then it it that, that is mirrored back.

And so, if we are able to love ourselves, then we would only create love for ourselves on the outside. We would only experience what is loving, and then we would only experience those things, people and creatures with the same loving vibration.  And we would nurture ourselves, creating total health.

 It’s again why I love homeopathy!!   It helps take off the glasses of distortion.  The glasses being  a metaphor for the subconscious beliefs.  that stop us from loving ourselves. The beliefs that stop us from creating beauty and harmony on the OUTSIDE, all because of the distortion on the INSIDE. This distortion is just a subconscious belief, program or conflict. Homeopathy finds the program and treats that.

With the distortion removed, we are able to smile again from the inside, and everything changes. Health, well being, and what happens on the outside.

Its why many people say…..when I took this remedy everyone, everything, changed around me….

I’ve always thought WOW, living in flow is more powerful than we could ever imagine, and it is the mirror affect. When we change on the inside, everything changes.

When we love ourselves we give permission to ourselves to follow and do what excites us, to enjoy, to nurture ourselves and to be who we really are.

Creating Health by Living Through Love, Instead of Perfection out of Fear