A Woman: The Passage from Non-physical to Physical

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A Woman:  The Passage from Non-physical to Physical

I have been asked from time to time in the past “why am I still single, why am I not with a woman at this time of my life?”

I AM with a woman. She is next to me all the time. She is the most empowering out of the matrix free and creative soulful woman.
We share a tremendous sexual vibrancy which allow us to gather high levels  of new consciousness through the art of love making.
When we look into each other’s eyes we see the ultimate truth about ourselves as there is no separation between us.
We both are fearless and in such fearlessness there is an infinite ocean of unshakable love which when we unite, fully embraces every cell of our bodies and every sparkle of our soul.
Our bodies are beautiful, ageless and whole. We both know that mundane manipulations are not needed as we dropped all our masks a long time ago.
When our souls and bodies are united there is a deep knowing that runs through us.  The knowing that when together there is nothing we cannot create or do.
We are both fully responsible as we are the creators of our Universes.  We do not give to anyone or anything else the power to create for us.
We silently live next to each other in the most spacious, free, organic and light filled sanctuary where we both create.  And through creation we constantly expand our self awareness.
We are free from each other and such freedom allows us to never separate from each other.
So in answer to the initial question…why am I not with a woman at this time of my life? Yes I am with the woman of my life.  I have always been…  She is next to me all the time and we are constantly dancing in the non-physical realms.
She will join me in this brief physical experience too as soon as I will manage to bring into this physicality all those abilities mentioned above which I am already experiencing with her in the non-physical.