Resonance: The Discernment Meter

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Resonance:  The Discernment Meter

Everything in the physical experience is interconnected by vibration (sounds). Through the experiences of RESONANCE and DISSONANCE, we can best discern what are the most organic leads to follow.

Resonance guides us through the infinite amount of choices presented to ourselves in every given moment of our physical experience.

In every instant of the physical journey we connect with our INNER GIFTS, and SUPPORTIVE ENERGY FIELDS, to discern and therefore choose the experience we want to have.

With our HEART AND SPIRIT we feel the many possibilities that the “HERE & NOW” present to us, and we choose which one we want to experience in order to gain more awareness of our Self.

If while considering a possibility or an experience we feel Joy (enthusiasm, positive vibes, excitement, passion, love, etc.) it means that possibility and or experience is creating a resonance. This indicates that it is in harmony, and in integrity with our natural state of being.

If we feel fear, (contractions, negative vibes, etc.) the potential experience or possibility that is in front of us is creating a dissonance, which indicates that they are in conflict with our inner harmony, and out of integrity, with our natural state of being.

Based on what we feel, we choose the experience we want to have. We might choose to have an experience of fragmentation and separation or we might choose to have an experience of unity, and integration.

There are no right or wrong choices. There are just choices, and the consequential experiences. Ultimately all choices are the “right choice” and they will all lead to the same result: to become more aware of our self and get back to our original imprint, with a newly gained, and more vibrant sense of self-awareness.

Sometimes, we choose to gain self-awareness through joyful experiences, sometimes through fearful or painful experiences.

Both Joy (love) and Fear (separation) are equally valid choices.

When we choose to have a Joyful experience, we are choosing to have an integrating experience.

When we choose a Fearful experience, we are choosing to have a fragmented and separating experience.

Although I am aware that the following definitions are not the most accurate, I choose to define Joyful experiences as “REAL EXPERIENCES” and fearful experiences as “ILLUSIONARY EXPERIENCES”.

Based on these chosen definitions, the closer the experience we choose is to our heart, our joy, our spirit, and to the vibration of our Earth (Nature) the more we are having a REAL EXPERIENCE, and coming closer to our real identity.

The closer the experience we choose is to our separated mind, fears, and contraction the more we are having an ILLUSIONARY EXPERIENCE.

I define “Intelligence” as the ability to discern what is REAL from what is an ILLUSION.

As I stated before, I do not perceive a choice better then another. Both REAL and ILLUSION are valid experiences, and both serve us well in the obtainment of self awareness.

Sometimes choosing an ILLUSIONARY experience will help us to later choose more effectively REAL experience.

In the end, the truth is, that all experiences are REAL, whether they come from an illusionary field, (Based on the illusion of separation) or a real one, (based on integration and oneness).

It is therefore important to release our emotional charge, and step into a NEUTRAL ENERGY FIELD, whenever we are experiencing, whatever we choose to experience. Such neutrality seems to be mastered when we gain a profound sense of love and appreciation, for both the REAL and the ILLUSION.

In this sense we can introduce the concept of “Responsibility” as simply, the ability to respond to the mirror of realities/illusions, which is constantly created by our vibrational offer, using discernment through resonance. Such ability will determine the experience we choose and its quality, including the degree of joy or pain inherent to it.

See My first 50 years of Life, to see the many levels of Reality and Illusion I have experienced in the many phases of my life so far.

It seems there is a fluidity and stretchable  quality on the experiences we have had, and on those we are having. They can be stretched and changed, at any time.

We can change the quality of our past experiences simply by rewriting the “Script” the “Story” we have created in relation to “what happened”.

We can also change the quality of the experience we are having in the present, by changing the way we define the present circumstances.

This means we are 100% the creators of our experience, a fact we sometimes struggle with, as it means we are fully in power, and fully responsible for everything we experience in our physical lives.

Often as a way to diminish the pressure we feel in such powerful self responsibility and power, we choose to create an illusionary reality, in which we believe we are victims of outside circumstances.

In this way we can indulge in the alternating dance between victimhood and blame, and pretend that someone else doing, or that some outside circumstance is the reasons why we are not able to be presently happy.

This too is a very valuable experience, which has to be allowed for as long as it is needed and until we are ready to let it go.


Photo by Marco Missinato
From “MOMENTS OF OUR LIVES” Collection
Marco Missinato Photography


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Resonance:  The Discernment Meter
Resonance:  The Discernment Meter