Imagination: Source’s Call for Action

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Imagination:  Source’s Call for Action

Everything that EXISTS in our reality is the product of our IMAGINATION.

We are the creator of our Universe.

Are we really creating our reality?
The concept “we create our reality” is a debatable one in my opinion.  I do believe it is true in the larger spectrum that we create everything in our reality.  However, when we say “we,” we need to be more specific.  Which part of us are we addressing?  The conscious mind, the subconscious or the unconscious part of Us?

It seems to me that our subconscious, has been intensely manipulated and washed out by outside forces, and now we are creating most of our reality unconsciously (from the unconscious  part of us).  When the subconscious-conscious relationship will be fully restored to its original blue print, then and only then, I believe, we will fully have the experience that “I am (consciously) creating my reality” 

Until then, my reality is been created by a malfunctioning and corrupted operational system.  I believe through the heart opening process, through the communion with Nature, through the action with our joyful imagination, the cultivating of Stillness and Love making, we can restore our operative system and go back to be fully conscious creators.
Each of us resides within his/her own self-created Universe. 
We create our Universe by first imagining it. 
Through the power of IMAGINATION we crystalize and manifest Matter. 
Matter is a vibrational field, which allows us to have a physical experience.
We cannot truly say we KNOW SOMETHING until we experience it. 
It is the EXPERIENCE that creates higher levels of self-awareness.
That is why IMAGINATION has to be followed by ACTION. 
Without ACTION IMAGINATION will not be able to unleash its inherit EXPERIENCE and consequent manifestation. Without action the energy within IMAGINATION will subside by turning back to SOURCE.
This includes all those dreams, desires and wishful thinking to which we have never taken action to. Their un-manifested energy goes back to SOURCE. Our internal mechanism will never stop giving us more imaginative inputs, it basically will never give up on Us. 
The more we take action towards our imaginative inputs the more those inputs increases their flow and grow in their complexity, uniqueness, and beauty. We often refer to those individuals who are fully operative in their IMAGINATION as GENIUS. IN fact geniality is an energy field available to all of us, all we have to do is to fully trust our IMAGINATION and take ACTION on it.
IMAGINATION is LIFE’s call for an action, the pursuing of which will provide us the EXPERIENCE that we need in that given moment to move forward on our journey.
The EARTH EXPERIENCE is the most advance experience available to the SPIRIT. 
Earth is truly the ultimate, state of the art TRANSFORMATIONAL CENTER.
TRUE ORGANIC IMAGINATION, is always followed by the feeling of JOY. 
JOY is a deep sense of aliveness and excitement we feel about the potential unfolding of an imaginative field of energy.
Of course we can also IMAGINE negative potentialities. In such case we will experience a feeling of contraction within our system. The Negative Imagination call for action will feel heavy and unnatural.
The System (Matrix) cannot DIRECTLY impose upon us its dominative wishes. It manages to do so by inducing us to imagine what it wants us to create. In our physical experience, often we create unconsciously through the astute fear based propaganda of the external voices of the institutions which constantly bombard us with holographic concepts, like scarcity, separation, diseases, and the idea that our lives depends on external Gods, Priests, Teachers, Politicians, Money, etc. to be safe and righteous.
Of course when we start to accept  such invitations, and imagine these concepts AS POTENTIAL FEAR BASE TRUTH we then manifest them, and they become part of our reality. This can only happen when we give our decisional power to our mind. By shifting it to our Heart the illusionary games and their deceptions will rapidly be uncover and come to an end.

Photo:  “Looking Through The Window of Infinite Possibilities
Photo by Marco Missinato
From “CHILDREN” Collection
Marco Missinato Photography


Suggested Listening:
Narrated by Filippo Voltaggio
Words by Dorothy Donahue
Music by Marco Missinato
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Imagination:  Source’s Call for Action
Imagination:  Source’s Call for Action