Our Heart: The Most Direct Portal to SOURCE ENERGY

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Our Heart:  The Most Direct Portal to SOURCE ENERGY

Our HEART* is the most powerful organic technology we have access to.

It is the portal through which we can access the purest energy coming directly from SOURCE.

Our HEART communicates with Us through FEELINGS and INTUITION.  It activates the process of RESONANCE.

With our HEART we can address the validity of a potentiality that has crossed our path.

It will give a sensation of RESONANCE, good feeling, or DISSONANCE, contracting feeling. Through these feelings, We will then know if we wish to continue and have the experience that such potentiality proposes or not.

This process can be very natural and simple, or very complex and difficult. It depends from how much our MIND has “taken over” our decisional power. The right balance between Heart and Mind (female and male energies) must be achieved in order to manifest consciously our reality during our physical experience.

The system (Matrix) has created an intense, very sophisticated veil of deceptions and illusions in order to confuse us and make this originally simple process very hard and difficult to apply. However, we can still find our way through the HEART ,and one by one dissipate all these layers of artificially created illusions (holograms), by firmly choosing so and taking action towards such decision.

For HUMANITY to successfully complete the Earthy Cycle and continue the journey into Higher Realms the HEART must be open. Our decisional power must be generated from it.

The HEART always knows the truth and therefore is able to identify the solutions of the many challenges of the Earthy path.

The connection with our HEART allows us to tap into all the other ENERGY FIELDS available in the Earthy cycle of experiences.

*The term Heart here includes the full core area of the body–heart, solar plexus and intestines.

Photo by Marco Missinato
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Our Heart:  The Most Direct Portal to SOURCE ENERGY
Our Heart:  The Most Direct Portal to SOURCE ENERGY