4 Things that are Anti Aging, Restore Health and are FREE

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4  Things that are Anti Aging, Restore Health and are FREE

We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.” –Bernard

As a Naturopathic Doctor I am always trying to teach about health and I long for a time when no one actually needs me (as a Doctor that is!). I feel, we are far more empowered to be whole and happy than we are programmed to believe. This wholeness and happiness comes from inside, and often its simpler than we make it out to be.

You see it is not our thoughts that create our reality, it is our beliefs, and these are often subconscious. That’s why I believe in the beauty of homeopathy, as it works on the sub conscious belief systems that blocks true health.

When I treat, it is simply to restore a place of joy, happiness and to an inner knowing of empowerment that comes with the reconnection to our child like self (our true nature, our vital force) that is connected to the magic that surrounds us. To revitalize the magic that comes from being connected to our inner essence, our spark, and then the connection that evolves from that, …  to the connection to everything. When this  is strong, so is health and our ability to create health.

This morning I was lying under a tree, it was snowing, the ground was frozen and my horses were munching hay close by. I was happy, inspired and in awe of the beauty that surrounded me. I could feel the earth beneath me, but most of all I was grateful.

I was sending gratitude to Mother Earth for being so beautiful. In that moment I needed nothing more, I could feel the energy from the earth filling my body, in gratitude I could feel my heart open to the beauty that surrounded me, and in so doing everything became magnified. Each snow flake as it fell from the sky was astonishingly beautiful, the tree above me, shone with light and reflected a green and sharpness that was mesmerizing, I noticed how incredible beautiful the bark was, a deep brownish grey and how a limb right above my head was an arm and beneath it, what appeared to me in the moment an armpit…inside I felt a laugh bubble up and joyfulness, I could breath deeply, I was not worried about tasks, or needs, and my imagination was alive, I was alive, just like when I was a child hunting for fairies.

You see, much of what makes us healthy is absolutely, FREE.  Or close to it in the case of homeopathy. I find I’m often trying to convey this to patients, but somehow, many times there is a “glaze” over that takes place, as if there is a feeling, of “ that is too simple”, or I hear “I wish it was that easy”, or just the program that it must be expensive or complicated, or “scientific” to help. But why is this? When did we lose our innocence, our connection to source and the belief that anything is possible, that we are incredible empowered beings able to create a state of health that comes from “an organic way of being in the world”. And just to play with each other, our surroundings and to laugh with the joy that comes form doing so.

This morning I experienced several beautiful gifts, all that fed my soul, my body, my spirit and my mind. They cost nothing, and took all of 20 minutes. I did it as a child, naturally. As a Naturopath I have learned again the benefits and as an adult am constantly reminding myself to “play” reconnect and empower myself with the power of Nature.

The following are four of the things I did, all at once, with simplicity and ease, naturally and almost with no effort, ….I share with you the benefits of each, …And as I write I find it strange how each are profoundly intricate, and yes  “scientific” and yet how there is so much that goes on, and yet, simple, free and free flowing,. Just like us.

Free gift # 1: Deep Breathing

There is a difference between regular breathing and deep breathing. Regular breathing comes from the lungs, using the chest muscles. It provides oxygen to the heart, which in turn makes sure the oxygen, gets to all the cells in the body.

Deep breathing involves using the diaphragm to slow the breathing. The diaphragm is the muscle located beneath the lungs.  To do this effectively, take a long, deep breath inhaled through the nose. Do you see your chest expand? That is a normal deep breath. Now sit up straight and take another deep breath using the diaphragm. Your chest will rise and you will feel the diaphragm move upwards. Exhale slowly. That is an effective deep breath.

Deep breathing allows the body to take in more oxygen and release more carbon dioxide than regular breathing. This leads to many health benefits: a lowering of blood pressure, slowing of heart rate, and relaxation of the muscles. It calms the mind, and it helps to reduce insomnia. It reduces fatigue, anxiety and stress by instantly changing our physiology from sympathetic (fight or flight) to parasympathetic (a relaxed state). It is this parasympathetic state that is desirable. It is a state that our body finds balance, renewal and it is a place where we can truly listen to what our intuition or knowing self is trying to tell us.

Deep breathing means less inflammation.  There is a lot of talk about how many diseases can only thrive in an acidic environment. Deep breathing will reduce the acidity levels of the body making it more alkaline and therefore healthier. (This includes the common cold, or flu!) There is a direct link to acidity when under stress. Stress means, shallow short breaths, less oxygen, a whole cascade of hormones, tight muscles, difficulty in thinking and connecting to our intuition, a fast heart rate, difficult digestion, the list goes on and on. Deep breathing immediately puts the body into a relaxed state allowing for an alkaline body, balanced chemistry, relaxed arteries, an expanded state of mind and spirit.   

Deep breathing is also beneficial to the lymphatic system. This system carries toxins away from cells as the circulatory system carries oxygen to the cells. This exchange also helps keep the body in a healthy balance.

Eastern cultures have practiced deep breathing for centuries. They know it is essential to keep the mind and body in a positive relationship. Try the practices of yoga, qigong, and Tai chi they all include deep breathing in their relaxation techniques and or you could just lay under a tree!

If we all used deep breathing exercises, even as little as a few minutes a day, we could improve our mental outlook and most definitely see an improvement in our physical health as well.

Free gift # 2: Earthing

I personally use earthing as often as possible, and notice immediate results. I can feel rushed, worn out, and tired but within a few minutes of laying directly on the earth my energy returns, my mind is settled, I am more connected to myself and everyone around me, and instantly have more energy. If I have hurt myself physically it is one of the things I do first, and have found it helps heals torn muscles, sprains and strains,

The following, is taken directly from the Earthing Guide by Clint Ober


“Earthing refers to a physical connection that takes place between the electrical frequencies of the human body and those of the earth. Just like the sun constantly provides us with important energy, nutrients and vitamins, the earth too is a source of subtle energy that provides important elements that contribute to optimum health. Despite the human body’s biological design as a natural conductor, many of us have misplaced our connection with Earth’s energy. This reality can have some severe repercussions”.

Since Clint Ober discovered the concept over a decade ago, Earthing has undergone much scientific scrutiny. However, research indicates the following are consistent benefits of Earthing:

  • Reduced inflammation and inflammation-related disorders 

  • Improved sleep 

  • Decreased chronic pain 

  • Increased energy levels 

  • Normalization of the body’s biological rhythms 

  • Improved blood pressure and flow 

  • Relief of headaches and muscle tension 

  • Accelerated recovery and healing 

  • Reduced jet lag 

  • Lessened menstrual and hormonal symptoms 

Free gift # 3: Laughter

Laughter comes most freely when we are relaxed and feeling connected to our playful, child like selves. (like when under a tree) And as Bernard states

“We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.” –Bernard

Some of the physical benefits:

  •  Boosts immunity
  • Lowers stress hormones
  • Decreases pain
  • Relaxes your muscles
  • Prevents heart disease

Free gift # 4: Resonance

In physics, “resonance is a phenomenon that occurs when a vibrating system or external force drives another system to oscillate at a specific preferential frequency”.

It is said that like attracts like, and this is true of thoughts, intentions, sound, and energy. Our own bodies oscillate at a certain frequency, depending on what our thoughts and intentions are.

 In health, a goal would be to resonate at a high frequency so that we can connect to those of the same frequency, including the essence of the planet we live on. When we are in resonance, we are “in tune” with Mother Nature and with the frequency of love. With this comes health and inner balance, we give, and receive at this high frequency.

Silica is the most abundant mineral found in the earths crust, and it is abundant in our bodies. It is a powerful purifier, and cleanser of foreign bodies, allowing for more resonance. It also feeds our bodies with the organic substance, which both we, and the planet are made of… we become a tuning fork, allowing resonance. 

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