5 – My First Musical Instruments

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When I reached the age of 10, my mother, to whom my love for music had not passed unnoticed, gifted me with the most wonderful present I could ever wish for, an organ. With such instrument I spent hundred of hours creating music. 

At that point my mother and other members of my family suggested the idea of taking music and piano lessons. An idea that was immediately repelled by my entire little body and soul as I did not want to bring the sad and fear based experiences of school into my pure and uncontaminated musical world.

Therefore my relationship with music continued in that innocent approach, with no form of “knowing” but only my pure heart as the source of creative input.

Soon I discovered the instrument that literally made every cell of my body vibrate, was the piano. This is because the piano, differently from the organ, had real and vibrating strings adding an amazing dynamic sensitivity to the act of playing, allowing a wide range of expressions that the organ could not even come close to.

Later, to my most joyful surprise, I realized how important those strings were.  The longer they were the more the dynamic range increased. As the dynamic ranges would increase, for some mysterious reasons, my ability to play and create would increase too. Once I realized my absolute, biggest dream of all was to have a grand concerto piano, a dream that even today I have not yet fulfilled.

In the first 18 years of my life I had only a few rare opportunities to play a piano. In Rome I did not have access to any. When summertime came I would usually go and spend it back in my native town at my grandmother’s home. There I would find an old and out of tune piano inside the catechism room of the local church. I would go to this room every day with my bike. Most of the time it would be locked but once in a while I would be lucky and find the door open with nobody inside. I would then sneak in to completely disappear in the act of piano playing for hours and hours until the priest would finally come and ask me to leave. 

When I became 18 years old, my mother again gifted me with the most wonderful present, this time a vertical piano which filled my heart with the greatest joy

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5 – My First Musical Instruments