3 – Musical Instruments: Love At First Sight

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My connection with music deepened when I discovered the existence of musical instruments. At first they were toys, like little guitars, flutes or harmonicas.

I would spend hours and hours touching and playing them. While connecting with them countless melodies would come in effortlessly. I would play such melodies over and over, secretly hoping that whomever was around would connect with the love I was feeling while playing them.  

I realize now that what I was subliminally doing through my interaction with musical instruments, was sending messages to the world around me with the desire to make others aware of the feelings of love that I knew were around all of us all the time, but were being completely ignored by everyone.

When I reached the age of six, my father, mother and I moved to Rome. At first we lived with my mother’s parents, then finally my mother with her daring and enthusiastic personality bought an apartment in Flaminio, a suburban area right at the edge of the roman historic center. In this spacious apartment she was able to provide shelter for the entire family including my loving grandparents.

In that same year my sister Elisabetta was born. It was then 1969.

The following years were filled with days at school and time spent in the streets of Flaminio, which were populated with kids playing in all of the outdoor corners of the suburban area. Both my parents where busy working, my father teaching in a school in the morning and running a driving school in the afternoon and evening. My mother was busy doing all kinds of jobs. For the most I was spending time with my grandparents.

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3 – Musical Instruments:  Love At First Sight