10 – Modeling & Acting

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It seemed many people were impressed with my outlook and conveyed the idea that I should do something about it.

Finally one day my uncle, the brother of my mother, who had a very successful career as an actor of “Fotoromanzi” (magazines telling stories of romance and drama like a comic book but with real pictures; very popular mostly among young women and housewives in Europe), convinced me to cast for a possible career in that genre of acting/modeling.

After the casting was successfully completed I was hired to be an “actor” for the most prestigious company in that genre, LANCIO. It was confirmed then to me that I had a very photogenic face.

The work at LANCIO did not last long as there were past conflicts between the company and my uncle (my acting manager at this time) which negatively effected my LANCIO “career.” 

I later found out that he had many enemies in the company and therefore I was not really welcome there. However that experience triggered the beginning of a part time career as a model. Modeling Agencies would call me for casting opportunities and thanks to my ease of being in front of the camera and my photogenic gift, I often succeeded in getting jobs.

For a time period I did all kinds of modeling, posing for newspapers, commercials, TV, fashion, etc.

In my heart I was not very interested in that kind of activity but because they were happening only occasionally and did not take much time, I gladly took these jobs to make some money that I would then use to pay off some expenses and sometimes even produce creative projects.

The idea that I was considered “handsome” by others, for some reasons never really made an impression on me. It never occurred to me that because I was considered commercially handsome by the industry I could “make it” in the entertainment business. I was very much an introverted young man and I did not like to entertain or be the center of attention. Still today I feel the same and I am more comfortable with a one on one connection rather than interacting in groups.

Later in my twenties for a short period of time I had the desire to study acting. I was still searching for an identity and I remember at that time wondering if acting could have been a creative way to express myself deep within my core. I soon found out that there were courses from the Actor Studio, offered by a well known teacher named Beatrice Bracco.

Although my introverted personality was a little bit reluctant, I enrolled myself. Every week in the late afternoon I would go in a little theater in one of the many areas of the historic center of Rome and gather together with a group of about 20-30 students around Beatrice Bracco who would teach us many different acting techniques. It was a very interesting experience for me and in many ways I enjoyed it. Also I found out that like many of the others I had some acting talent and I could probably become good at it. However when the course ended I could not find a way to link what I had learned to the professional world. I did not know how to go about it and I was not passionate enough about it to take the immense time that was necessary to pursue the career. It was however a very beautiful experience and I had the opportunity in many exercises to reach the core of my being. Beatrice was very impacted by this when I was able to achieve this.

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10 – Modeling & Acting