Calc Phos: Restoring, Nourishing, and Rebuilding

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Calc Phos:  Restoring, Nourishing, and Rebuilding


Main Indication: A restorative tonic

Inner Connection/ Connection to JOI – Birth and Death

Calc Phos is the restorative tonic, to be used in any phase between birth and death. it aids in growth, and restoration.

We are spiritual beings, never dying only changing form, and density. Calc phos gives us the density needed to be strong in the physical form. 

It is what our bones are made of, the part of us that allows us to walk, and move through life. It represents the form, the structure, the skeleton the part that is matter. The part that houses the spark that never dies, only morphs into another form.

Calc Phos:

Calc phos or calcium phosphate is the second most often used tissue salt that I prescribe. And therefore, always suggest getting it as one of the first. Again, it is often used in combination with the other remedies. And therefore is used often.



1. As a restorative tonic. I often prescribe calc phos combined with ferrum phos at the very first sign of a cold or flu, or any worn out state.  Combining the oxygen carrying capabilities of ferrum phos with the nourishing capabilities of calc phos is very effective. 

Again take, 3 of each, often, even up to every 10-15 minutes until feeling better.

 2. It aids in learning development, learning difficulties and concentration. Phosphorus is a mineral colleague of calcium within the body. Phosphorus is a soft, non-metallic element found in the body, only in combination with other substances.  In the human body, phosphorus is a part of the energy transporting systems in the cells.

Calcium is in charge of the gated channels that release potassium and sodium to facilitate nerve impulses. Therefore Calc phos is one of the cell salts that help children who are having trouble concentrating, or learning. It aids in growth and development.  It will help with ADD, ADHD, learning difficulties and concentration.

3. Calc phos is used to help build bone, and teeth.

In the human body calcium phosphate is found in bones. The mineralization of the matrix of the dense outer shell of bones, has minute crystals of calcium phosphate, and makes the bone hard. A proper balance of phosphorus must be present in the bloodstream for teeth and bones.

It is most important for bone growth, strength and repair. I suggest it in anything that is bone or growth related. 

Calci­um phosphate is also the chief constituent of enamel, the extremely hard material covering the crown of teeth.

4. It helps with anything nerve related, including the generation of nerve impulses. Calcium is involved in muscle contractions, including that of the heart, skeletal muscles, and smooth muscle found in blood vessels and intestines.

It also helps to restore muscle, and because it restores, it increases endurance.


In summary, some of its uses are:

  • We are spiritual beings, never dying only changing form, and density. Calc phos gives us the density needed in the physical form.
  • As a restorative tonic in any depleted state, tiredness and fatigue are the main indications.
  • In combination with Ferrum phos at first sign of a cold or flu.
  • Children with growing pains.
  • To aid in learning, concentration and memory.
  • In bone growth and repair.
  • To restore muscle and increase endurance.
  • To restore function to internal organs.
  • If aid in healing of a broken a bone.
  • To build bones, maintain bone, or if one is losing bone mass.
  • Teething problems, crumbling or decaying teeth.
  • To help with anything nerve related, including restoring nerve impulses and communication.

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Calc Phos:  Restoring, Nourishing, and Rebuilding