Calc Flour: Elasticity, Strength, and Resiliency

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Calc Flour:  Elasticity, Strength, and Resiliency


Main Indication: An elastic tissue builder

Inner Connection/ Connection to JOI – Our Unique Gifts

Calc Flour is the elastic tissue builder. With age it is said that we become less elastic, less able to change, grow, and use our imagination for Joy and creation.

WE experience this joyful elastic state, by being connected to our unique essence, the part in each of us that when brought to life, brings expansion, and contributes to the whole. As we express this uniqueness we experience our gifts that contribute to our own joy, and at the same time contribute to the larger picture, making life meaningful and full.  

The gift of Calc Flour is, it gives us back the lost elastic for life, the ability to expand and contract at will, to stretch, change and become whatever we wish to become; in body, mind and spirit, through our unique gifts.  


Calc Flour:

 Calc. flour or Calcium Fluoride is found in the surface of the bones and in the enamel of the teeth. It is also a constituent of elastic fibers and of the epidermis. Elastic fiber’s are found in the skin, in the connective tissue, and in the vascular walls.

This salt is great for muscles, veins, and ligaments that have lost elasticity and tone.

1. It improves elasticity.

This salt is a great tonic for muscles, ligaments and/or veins that have become worn out, tight and/or lax—or for tissues that have lost their elasticity and tone. It helps muscles become more elastic. It is helpful in the case of a prolapsed uterus or bladder (with dragging down sensations), haemorrhoids (that itch and bleed), varicose veins, or hardening of the arteries.

2. It is helpful to remove unwanted build up, or plaque.

It helps break down lumps that develop on bones (after a bad bruise to a bone or a fracture, for example) or around joints (after a bad sprain). It also reduces plaque on the inside of arteries as found in atherosclerosis, or a build up of minerals in organs.

3. Because it is found in the surface of bones, and enamel of teeth, it is useful for building the health and strength of teeth and bones during childhood. It can also be used after a serious injury to the bones, at any time, but especially a fracture, (along with calc phos). It is an excellent tissue salt for bones that are thinning with age (osteoporosis or osteopenia) along with Calc phos and/or Silica.

Use this tissue salt along with Calc phos and/or Silica to help build strong, healthy teeth and bones in infants, children, and adults. Use it to increase the strength of those whose enamel or bones are weak or whose teeth are producing cavities.

4. Cough. Finally calc fluor is indicated if a cold has the symptom of a cough.

Calc fluor is the tissue salt to resolve coughs in the early stage, which means the infection hasn’t become secondary/the phlegm, is still clear.

 If phlegm changes color from clear to white, yellow or green it means that the infection has become more established, and then often, an extra or different salt is needed.

(For cough; the combination Ferrum phos /calc phos/calc fluor is used.


In summary, some of its uses are:

  • Returning elasticity to our bodies, to our imagination, our mind and spirit.
  • Keeping or returning elasticity to tissue as seen in, Varicose veins, hemorrhoids, stretch marks, cataracts, hardening of the arteries, repeated sprains, and fractures, or prolapsed uterus or bladder.
  • It is useful in Restoring Enamel to teeth, and for building the health and strength of teeth in adults, children and pets. Along with calc phos, it helps prevent cavities.
  • If a bone is weak or fractured, calc flour helps build back strength. Or if bones are weak, as in osteopenia or osteoporosis, calc flour along with calc phos and silica is essential.
  • It is also an important salt to remove unwanted plaque, as in hardening of the arteries, atherosclerosis, or build up in tissue or bone; again anywhere one sees lack of elasticity.
  • When there is bone over growth, or tissue overgrowth as seen in Ganglia at the back of the wrist, or with gouty enlargements of the joints of the fingers.
  • If there is build up of bone as seen in spurs or after a break, or around joints after a sprain.
  • I suggest it whenever I hear there is unwanted tissues or lack of elasticity of any kind.
  • Colds with a cough (calc phos, ferrum phos and calc fluor).

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Calc Flour:  Elasticity, Strength, and Resiliency