Kali Sulph: Oxygen, skin, and Pure Health

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Kali Sulph: Oxygen, skin, and Pure Health


Main Indication:  The Oxygen exchanger

Inner Connection/ Connection to JOI – Mother Nature

Our planet is surrounded by Oxygen, Mother Nature is a being, and in her infinite wisdom has given every living thing on the planet the ability to breath in, and exchange this oxygen.

At this time, it is important that we connect to Mother Nature in order to again hear her wisdom. Wisdom, that gives deeper meaning to the expression of life, and our role in it. It is this connection that is the conduit to our ultimate expression.  Through the rhythm of the breath, we can re tune to the vibration of the planet. Through oxygen and the breath, we become one with Mother Nature. As we become more synchronized our cells are more vibrant, and we exist in a more resonant state.  Kali Sulph helps our cells exchange this oxygen.  

 Kali Sulph:

While Ferr Phos, ensures oxygen is carried by the blood, to the cells, Kali Sulph, receives that oxygen and regulates the exchange of carbon dioxide between the cells and the blood.

As oxygen is vital to the health of every cell in our body, a deficiency of Kali Sulph may cause conditions as varied as prolonged infections, shifting pains, dizziness, fatigue, allergic reactions, worries, and irritability. This is also why symptoms caused by a lack of Kali Sulph, improve in fresh oxygen-rich air.

Sulfur is the third most abundant mineral in your body, after calcium and phosphorous.

Sulfur bonds are required for proteins to maintain their shape, and these bonds determine the biological activity of the proteins.

 For example, hair and nails consist of a tough protein called keratin, which is high in sulfur.

Connective tissue, and cartilage also contain proteins with flexible sulfur bonds, the sulphur gives the structure its flexibility. With age, the flexible tissues in your body tend to lose their elasticity, leading to wrinkling of skin, stiff muscles and painful joints.

In summary some of its uses are:

1. It reminds us of our connection to Mother Earth, through oxygen and the resonance of the breath.

2. Tertiary infections, or stubborn third stage infections; where the discharge has turned yellow or green

  • Yellowish coating on the tongue, profuse thin or sticky yellow mucus, yellow diarrhea
  • Stubborn colds with yellow discharge, rattling croupy coughs, and asthma…
  • When a cold has gotten worse before you were able to treat it, it has taken hold, often there is a need to add in the cell salt Kali sulph,

3. Skin Conditions;

  • It is helpful in Skin conditions such as, dry skin, eczema, psoriasis, acne, dandruff, rashes, hives, cancer of the skin…
  • Because sulphur is so important in skin, hair and nails, it is also helpful if hair is falling out, or if nails are breaking and brittle,
  • Yeast infections and vaginal irritation
  • Sinus infections and ear congestion

Kali sulph often needs, ferrum phos and kali mur in combination.

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Kali Sulph: Oxygen, skin, and Pure Health