Kali Phos: Stillness, Relaxation, Imagination

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Kali Phos: Stillness, Relaxation, Imagination


Main Indication:  Nerve food, nerve tonic

Inner Connection/ Connection to JOI – Imagination

Imagination is activated when we feel excitement and connection with our creative selves, the part of us, which follows our joy. The joy, that comes from following the heart.

Kali Phos has the main indication of generating electrical impulses. The impulses, that allows us to truly live, and feel in an inspired way.

Every cell of our body is connected, just as we are connected to everyone and everything else. With a connection to every cell of our body, but especially to our heart, the ability to imagine and create, flourishes. This includes the imagination of perfect health. We can then manifest the gifts each of us has to offer through inspiration and imagination.

To be calm and centered, while at the same time “plugged in” and connected is the essence of Kali Phos, as it balances, calms, and opens the channels of the nervous system, the inner highway of feeling.

Kali Phos:

We have talked about potassium, (generates electrical impulses), here we can talk about phosphorous,

Phosphorus is an essential mineral primarily used for growth and repair of body cells and tissues. According to the University of Maryland Medical Center, all body cells contain phosphorus, with 85 percent found in bones and teeth. There, together with calcium, phosphorus provides structure and strength. Phosphorus is also required for a variety of biochemical processes including energy production and pH regulation.

Kali phos. is also a constituent of all fluids and tissues, notably of the brain, and nervous tissues.

Kali phosphoricum is known as the calming remedy, because it supports nervous tissue.

Nervous tissue is specialized to react to stimuli and to conduct impulses to various organs in the body, which bring about a response to the stimulus. Nerve tissue therefore is tissue that is found in the brain and spinal cord, as well as peripheral nerves that branch throughout the body.

Known as a leading natural stress remedy, Kali Phos helps one live in the moment, and deal with anxiety, irritability, insomnia, grief, and despair. Take it after loss in the family, (nat mur) throughout extended periods of work-related stress, and when worn out after an acute illness. It helps one connect and fire in a balanced effective way.

In summary some of its uses are:

1. It helps every cell in the body connect and fire in a balanced way, allowing connection to the now and our imagination.

2. Kali phos is helpful in all nervous tissue type needs

  • Weak and tired, is the main indication especially if from excitement, overwork, and worry.
  • There is a marked disturbance of the sympathetic nervous system.
  • Mental and physical depression, are wonderfully improved by this remedy. Again the causes are usually excitement, overwork and worry.
  • Some other nerve related examples are:
    • Nervous headaches, backache, sciatica and other neuralgic pains
    • Ringing in the ears
  • Sleeplessness is a strong indication
  • Kali Phos calms nervous tissue. It is especially helpful after one has been over stimulated.
  • It is very helpful for small children who have arrived home from a party and are overly tired but even though tired, can’t sleep because they have been overly stimulated, 4-6 pellets of kali phos and a few minutes later, all is well.
  • It is good for anyone just needing to feel calm or having trouble sleeping

3. Brain food.

  • It is indicated for students or anyone that has been over using the brain in learning studying creativity or work,
  • Extra emphasis should be placed on Kali Phos’s effect on stress in children and students. It quiets and sharpens the mind, helps create a feeling of comfort and confidence, and is ideal in exam and performance situations. Kali Phos can offer great natural support when experiencing symptoms of ADHD and is recommended together with Calc Phos for attention problems.

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Kali Phos: Stillness, Relaxation, Imagination