Natrum Phos: From Acidic to Alkaline

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Natrum Phos: From Acidic to Alkaline


Main Indication:  An acid neutralizer

Inner Connection/ Connection to JOI – Stillness

In stillness we are able to connect to our creative, inspired, imaginative spark. In stillness we are neutral, complete, nothing, and everything, all at once.

When our body is in stillness there is an equilibrium and balance. Our blood, our breath, our being, is in balance. We can listen and create, with an open mind.  Our body reacts in kind, by being balanced, and is in optimum health. This is the essence of Natrum Phos, it brings balance to the body.

Natrum Phos:

The cell salt Nat Phos helps maintain a balanced / alkaline ph. A very important job, as most disease only thrives in an acidic environment. Research indicates that by creating an alkaline environment, viruses, bacteria, fungus, candida, and cancer no longer have an environment in which they can live.

Our body has a natural acid/alkaline balance. The typical diet of sugars, fast food, stress, negative thought, medications and lack of exercise, or too much exercise, can all contribute to make the body more acidic and out of balance.

Our body has a natural balance called homeostasis. When we are too acidic, minerals like calcium are leached from our bones to help alkalize the body. Another way our body tries to protect us from acid is to buffer it with fat and store it in the body in places such as joints and muscles, causing pain. Luckily, there are ways to naturally boost your PH, which should stay between 7.35 and 7.45

Through the presence of this salt, lactic acid is decomposed into carbonic acid and water. It absorbs the carbonic acid, taking up two molecules for every molecule of itself, and carries it to the lungs, where the oxygen of the air sets the carbonic acid free in exchange for oxygen; more oxygen means a more alkaline body.

Among the Cell Salts, it is a key natural remedy for conditions arising from an acid condition in the blood.

Primarily I suggest this remedy for neutralizing a build up of acidity, or just to maintain an alkaline ph and restore balance.

In summary some of its uses are:

  • It facilitates balance, the essence of stillness
  • It returns the body to a balanced/alkaline state
  • It can be thought of as the digestion remedy. One can use Natrum Phosphate with meals to improve weak/slow digestion, help with acid reflux, gas, ulcers, gastritis and baby colic.
  • Natrum Phosphate is important to remember if you suffer from excess uric acid, and then have problems such as gout, joint pain, stiffness, swelling.
  • For muscles – it breaks down lactic acids after exercise or trauma.
  • It is indicated in arthritis, the cause being chronic acidic conditions, reversing and treating the joint pain by getting to the cause.
  • It is also often indicated if there is a tendency for gall stones, or a need to regulate bile.
  • Often in chronic conditions this remedy should be taken first…to return ph to an alkaline state and clear pathways.

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Natrum Phos: From Acidic to Alkaline