Calc Sulph: A Clearer Expression, The Purifier

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Calc Sulph: A Clearer Expression, The Purifier


Clean purified blood is to the human body what vibrant rich soil is to a plant.

Main Indication:  Blood purifier

Inner Connection/ Connection to JOI – Who we are

We are multi dimensional beings, having a third dimensional experience. We are more capable, of creating completeness, in health and abundance than many of us can imagine.

WE are programed to believe we are limited and incomplete, that only a few are special.

To remove the programs that limit us, would connect us to our highest possibilities and infinite wisdom, and should be our ultimate goal. With a cleared conduit we are more child-like, leading to inner joy, and the connection to an inner excitement. This in turn, leads to creation of a unique and powerful expression.

Calc Sulph is the blood purifier, and with the elimination of unwanted waste, allows for a clearer expression of self.

Calc Sulph  

Working in the bloodstream and the liver to remove waste from the organs, Calcarea Sulph is known as the blood purifier.

 This salt is mostly found in the tissues of the skin, blood and mucous membranes. Along with the cell salt silica, this salt is most often used for wounds, and skin complaints of all kinds. When the body doesn’t remove waste through the proper channels, it often uses the skin for disposal. This is why a lack of Calc Sulph can manifest itself through pimples, eczema and blemished skin.

Calc Sulph is known as a blood purifier, like (kali mur) and it has a detoxifying effect on the liver, like (nat sulph). This salt is therefore, excellent at preventing general ill health and infection.

Some of its uses are:

  • It is the blood purifier, allowing a clearer expression of who we are.
  • This cleansing remedy helps the body clean blood, skin and body fl It is useful with acne, abscesses, ulcers, and boils.
  • Wounds that have become infected. Calc sulph closes and clears up an infection. This remedy is indicated for infections that are slow or difficult to heal. Wounds that have become infected and pus-filled, especially with thick yellow pus that may be lumpy or blood streaked. It acts similarly to the homeopathic Hepar sulph. You can think of it as “another Hepar”
  • Use Silica first for skin issues and then calc sulph if they don’t resolve.
  • Or a combination of Calc Sulph, Silica, and Kali Sulph for anything skin related or difficult to heal.
  • Calc sulph is another helpful salt that can prevent an oncoming cold or sore throat, as it supports the liver, and cleanses the blood.
  • In all its actions, Calc Sulph, is aided by Kali Mur, the other blood cleansing cell salt.

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Calc Sulph: A Clearer Expression, The Purifier