Cell Salts, as a Fractal of Whole Health

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Cell Salts,  as a Fractal of Whole Health

The following is my own reflection on each tissue salt, and its main purpose or indication, but also I have shared some deeper insights into health in general. How our connection to ourselves, our spirit, our creative and inspirational self is just as important to health as feeding, cleansing and balancing the physical body, or cells.

It is all one and the same, giving each equal love and attention gives wholeness and health.  JOI has inspired me with the words, tissue salts to the physical connection. And I hold much gratitude for the joy in sharing the deep connection I see to health.

Here, I write about each cell salt, its main indication, and a deeper reflection on health, and wholeness for each. There are more detailed blog entries following, which go into how to use each Cell Salt/Tissue salt in detail.


Main Indication: The Oxygen Carrier

Inner Connection/ Connection to JOI – Life

Oxygen is the most valuable element on the planet, and is needed in order for life to thrive. The blood is the river of life in the human body, and carries this oxygen.

Blood is to the human body, in its most healthy state, oxygenated and alive. Our spirit is healthy similarly, when we feed it the energy of self-love and allow it our individual expression.

It is our natural state to truly thrive in abundance, creativity, Joy and health. We can connect easily to our spirit through our breath, sending it self-love and at the same time feeding our body, with oxygen.

To live and thrive, is to express our individual essence or spark that makes us the unique particle that we have always been. While at the same time, as we truly express that spark, we are naturally a part of, and completing the whole; living, moving and expressing with and through the river of life.

Ferrum Phos is the oxygen carrier and feeds the river of life running through our body.



Main indication: A restorative tonic.

Inner Connection/Connection to JOI: Birth and Death

Calc Phos is the restorative tonic, to be used in any phase between birth and death. it aids in growth, and restoration.

We are spiritual beings, never dying only changing form, and density. Calc phos gives us the density needed to be strong in the physical form.  

It is what our bones are made of, the part of us that allows us to walk, and move through life. It represents the form, the structure, the skeleton the part that is matter. The part that houses the spark that never dies only morphs into another form.



 Main indication:  An elastic tissue builder

Inner Connection/Connection to JOI: Our Unique Gifts.

 Calc Fluor is the elastic tissue builder. With age it is said that we become less elastic, less able to change, grow, and use our imagination for Joy and creation.

 WE experience this this joyful elastic state, by being connected to our unique essence, the part in each of us that when brought to life, brings expansion, and contributes to the whole. 

 The gift of Calc Flour is, it gives us back the lost elastic for life, the ability to expand and contract at will, to stretch, change and become whatever we wish to become; in body, mind and spirit, through our unique gifts.  



Main indication:  a water or fluid balancer.

Inner Connection/Connection to JOI: Supportive Energy Fields

Nat Mur is the tissue salt most connected to water.  Our bodies are quite fluid in nature, and water is the best conductor of energy. Therefore proper fluids mean that we can properly connect to the many Supportive Energy fields that are available to us, from Mother Earth, from our own highest essence and from the very vibration of Love. The proper balance of water simple makes us better conductors.



Main Indication: Blood conditioner/purifier (Calc Sulph)

Inner Connection/Connection to JOI: Heart

 Kali or Potassium in needed for the conductivity of the heart; Muriaticum in homeopathy has a main connection to Mother, or Motherhood. When living through the heart there is a profound heart connection to Mother Earth, her to us, and we to our highest potential, creativity and therefore health.

Kali Mur purifies our blood, clears infection and gives us a more vibrant vessel, more connected to ones own heart, and all that is.  



 Main indication:  An Oxygen exchanger

Inner Connection/Connection to JOI: Mother Nature

 Our planet is surrounded by Oxygen, Mother Nature is a being, and in her infinite wisdom has given every living thing on the planet the ability to breath in, and exchange this oxygen.

At this time, it is important that we connect to Mother Nature in order to again hear her wisdom. Wisdom, that gives deeper meaning to the expression of life, and our role in it. It is this connection that is the conduit to our ultimate expression.  Through the rhythm of the breath, we can re tune to the vibration of the planet. Through oxygen and the breath, we become one with Mother Nature. As we become more synchronized our cells are more vibrant, and we exist in a more resonant state.  Kali Sulph helps our cells exchange this oxygen.  



Main indication: Nerve food/ Nerve tonic

Inner Connection/Connection to JOI: Imagination

 Imagination is activated when we feel excitement and connection with our creative selves, the part of us, which follows our joy. The joy, that comes from following the heart.

Kali Phos has the main indication of generating electrical impulses. The impulses, that allows us to truly live, and feel in an inspired way.

 Every cell of our body is connected, just as we are connected to everyone and everything else. With a connection to every cell of our body, but especially to our heart, the ability to imagine and create, flourishes. This includes the imagination of perfect health. We can then manifest the gifts each of us has to offer through inspiration and imagination.

To be calm and centered, while at the same time “plugged in” and connected is the essence of Kali Phos, as it balances, calms, and opens the channels of the nervous system, the inner highway of feeling.



Main indication: An acid neutralizer

Connection to JOI: Stillness

 In stillness we are able to connect to our creative, inspired, imaginative spark. In stillness we are neutral, complete, nothing, and everything all at once. When our body is in stillness there is an equilibrium and balance. Our blood, our breath, our being, is in balance. We can listen and create, with an open mind.  Our body reacts in kind, by being balanced, and is in optimum health. This is the essence of Natrum Phos, it brings balance to the body.



Main indication: A nerve stabilizer,

Inner Connection/Connection to JOI: Love

 Through relaxation we are able to truly connect to another, be in the moment, centered and connected to our own heart.

In our most relaxed states we get profound insights, and the reflection that comes through seeing ourselves, as we truly are, beautiful and whole, as if in a mirror.

 In this place we find the love for ourselves, that when activated, allows for a deeper health, and a deeper connection to all.  The mirror returns to us what we truly believe. Mag Phos is the relaxation mineral.


   10.   SILICA

Main indication: Cleanser

Inner Connection/Connection to JOi: Resonance

 In physics, “resonance is a phenomenon that occurs when a vibrating system or external force drives another system to oscillate at a specific preferential frequency”.

It is said that like attracts like, and this is true of thoughts, intentions, sound, and energy. Our own bodies oscillate at a certain frequency, depending on what our thoughts and intentions are.

 In health, a goal would be to resonate at a high frequency so that we can connect to those of the same frequency, including the essence of the planet we live on. When we are in resonance, we are “in tune” with Mother Nature and with the frequency of love. With this comes health and inner balance, we give, and receive at this high frequency.

Silica is the most abundant mineral found in the earths crust, and it is abundant in our bodies. It is a powerful purifier, and cleanser of foreign bodies, allowing for more resonance. It also feeds our bodies with the organic substance, which both we, and the planet are made of… we become a tuning fork, allowing resonance.  



Main indication: Excess water elimination

Inner Connection/Connection to JOI: Action

 In life, and in health it is important to have the dream, the desire, the connection to heart, but equally important, is to take action in order to manifest and create.

We don’t always have the complete picture, but often through intuition we know the first step or steps. Through following what is in our heart, by following what truly excites us and imagining the outcome we wish for, the next steps fall into place.

As we take action, the steps the ideas, become more obvious and more abundant. It is like the universe and Mother Earth responds to those willing to take action. As we transform thought into being, more ideas come to us.

It is the same with our health. Our bodies need constant love based attention, and action. We need to take active steps to feed our bodies the right nutrients, the right water, exercise, energy, and to breathe in the right way.

Natrum Sulph is the elimination salt, and represents this action. 



Main indication: Blood purifier

Inner Connection/Connection to JOI: Who we are

We are multi dimensional beings, having a third dimensional experience. We are more capable, of creating completeness, in health and abundance than many of us can imagine.

WE are programed to believe we are limited and incomplete, that only a few are special.

To remove the programs that limit us, would connect us to our highest possibilities and infinite wisdom, and should be our ultimate goal. With a cleared conduit we are more child-like, leading to inner joy, and the connection to an inner excitement. This in turn, leads to creation of a unique and powerful expression.

Calc Sulph is the blood purifier, and with the elimination of unwanted waste, allows for a clearer expression of self.

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Cell Salts,  as a Fractal of Whole Health