More About Donating to Marco’s Journey of Imagination

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More About Donating to Marco’s Journey of Imagination

We invite you to enjoy and share all of Marco Missinato’s creative work contained within these website pages. The music, images, and words come from the imaginative, creative, wisdom of his heart.

Marco is presently preparing for the production of a new album and related concert series and extends a call to all those who wish to support and participate in whatever manner they wish to.  If you feel a strong resonance with his creations and you wish to make a donation helping to support his creative and artistic work, please do so by clicking on the donate button below the slider on the Home Page.

He is open to connect and consider entrepreneurs, event coordinators, musicians and all those resonating souls who desire to participate in his many creative projects.  If this interests you, please go to the Contact Page and send us a message describing your desires.


Thank you

The JOI Team