About JOI

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About JOI

JOI (Journey of Imagination) shares the many expressions of Marco Missinato’s flow of creativity. 

A process inspired by his heart to gain a constant stream of higher levels of self-awareness and inner expansion.

His heart has guided him to create this web site as a way to share his progress and potentially inspire those in resonance with his work.

Marco Missinato does not consider or position himself as a Teacher, nor a Guru to be “followed” or considered an expert in what he shares.  He is simply an artist flowing with imagination, freely sharing his creations.  He holds no expectation of recognition or validation from the world. 

“The joy that we all receive when we operate from the Heart, allows us to connect and communicate directly with Source.  This is the most sublime form of reward we can possibly obtain from the creative process.  Whatever else manifests is simply the echo of such communion and is welcomed as further consolidation of the creation that has taken place.” Marco Missinato

With JOI we hold the sincere hope that you, as a visitor, will feel uplifted through the beauty, love and introspective stream of feelings and thoughts expressed within these pages.

We hope you will feel inspired to make use of your imagination.  It is Marco’s belief that imagination is the most extraordinary gift humanity has received and the ultimate device to guide us through the many challenges of our physical experience, as well as the ultimate way to get back to Source.

Please note:  The thoughts and concepts shared in this web site should never be considered “the ultimate truth” but simply the truth which the Author has gained access to at the moment of its conception.  It is possible that as ideas and concepts further develop, often differences or even contradictions appear with what has been shared in the past. This is to be considered the healthy signs of a process in constant flow of self-discovery, inevitably changing and adjusting to its previous points of view, sometimes even expressing contradictions.   

With Love and JOI